XML Syntax

Learning Objectives

You will be able...

  • ...to name at least two rules that have to be followed when using tags in an XML document.
  • ...to list the four relationships that XML tags can have.
  • ...to give examples of forbidden, not recommended and allowed tag names.


We introduced the basic concepts of XML in the last chapter. We already presented a simple XML example without any explanations about the syntax of the elements. We now want to give you an overview of the XML's elements and its syntax.
You will see that the syntax rules of XML are very simple and very strict.

As you have already learned, in XML you have to "invent" your own tags. In this unit we will present you which tag names are allowed, not recommended or even forbidden.

XML's elementsXML's elements


XML Tags
XML Elements
XML Attributes
Element Naming and Well formedness

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