For security reasons, the existing path for Perl modules (@INC) will be disabled once you have chosen dynamic deployment and specified your own PATH/. If you wish to access other modules in your included package you have several options:

    Switch to static linking:

       use MODULE;

    Which can also be useful when you want to import something specific from the deployed modules:

       use MODULE qw(import_list);

    Change use to require. The path is only unavailable during the initialization phase. It is available once more during execution. Therefore, if you utilize require somewhere in your package, it will work.
    Wrap use in an eval block:

       eval 'use MODULE qw(import_list)'; die if [email protected];

    Set your include path in your package and then specify use. Don't forget to put @INC in a BEGIN{} block or it won't work. For example,

       BEGIN { @INC = qw(my_directory); use MODULE
    }  .