Working with document

Creating a New Document

In Word, there are several ways to create new document, open existing documents, and save documents:

  • Click the File menu tab and then click New
  • Press CTRL+N (Depress the CTRL key while pressing the “N”) on the keyboard

When you click on the File menu tab and then click New, you can choose from several types of documents to create. To start from a blank document, click Blank.  If you wish to start from a template, click a template category, such as Letters or Resume, from the “Suggested searches” list and the template choices will display in center screen.



Opening an Existing Document

  • Click the File menu tab and Click Open,
  • Press CTRL+O (Depress the CTRL key while pressing the “O”) on the keyboard,
  • If you have recently used the document you can click the File menu tab, then click Open, and then select Recent Documents

Saving a Document

  • Click the File tab menu and click Save or Save As (remember, if you’re sending the document to someone who does not have Office 2013 or Office 2010, you will need to click the File tab, click Export, Choose Change File Type, and click Word 97-2003 Document), or Save As


  • You may also press CTRL+S (Depress the CTRL key while pressing the “S”) on the keyboard
  • Click the File icon on the Quick Access Toolbar


Working on Multiple Documents

Several documents can be opened simultaneously if you are typing or editing within multiple documents at the same time.  All open documents will be listed in the View Tab of the Ribbon when you click on Switch Windows.  The current document has a checkmark beside the file name.  Select another open document to view it.


Document Views

There are many ways to view a document in Word.

  • Print Layout:  This is a view of the document as it would appear when printed.  It includes all tables, text, graphics, and images.
  • Full Screen Reading:  This is a full length view of a document.  Good for viewing two pages at a time.
  • Web Layout:  This is a view of the document as it would appear in a Web browser.
  • Outline:  This is view of the document in an outline form displaying content in a bulleted list.
  • Draft:  This view does not display pictures or layouts, only text.

To view a document in different forms, click the document views shortcuts at the bottom of the screen  or:

  • Click the View Tab on the Ribbon
  • Click on the appropriate document view. 

Close a Document

To close a document:

  • Click the File menu tab
  • Click Close