Track Changes

Track Changes is a great feature of Word that allows you to see what changes have been made to a document.  The tools for track changes are found on the Reviewing tab of the Ribbon.        

Begin Track Changes

To keep track of the changes you’ll be making to a document, you must click the Track Changes icon. 

To start Tracking Changes:

  • Click Review Tab on the Ribbon
  • Click Track Changes
  • Make the changes to your document and you will see any changes you have made


Document Views

There are four ways to view a document after you have tracked changes:

  • Simple Markup: Shows you where the changes are by displaying a line near the margin.
  • All Markup: Click the red line or the balloon to see the all the changes and comments.
  • No Markup: Shows you the changed document without the markups
  • Original:  The original document without any changes.

To change the view, click the appropriate choice in the Tracking Group of the Review Tab on the Ribbon.


The Show Markup feature allows you to view different items (comments, formatting, etc.) and choose to view different authors’ comments.


Accept or Reject Changes

When you view the changes in a document you can either accept or reject the changes.  The Previous and Next commands of the Changes group allows you to move directly to the next or previous change in the document, where you can then accept or reject the change.



The New Comment icon also lets you add comments to the document.  To add a new comment, put your cursor where you would like to add the comment and click on New Comment.