The use of Styles in Word will allow you to quickly format a document with a consistent and professional look.  Styles can be saved for use in many documents.

Apply Styles

There are many styles that are already in Word ready for you to use.  To view the available styles click the Styles dialog box on the Styles Group in the Home Tab.  To apply a style:

  • Select the text
  • Click the Styles Dialog Box
  • Click the Style you choose


Creating New Styles

You can create styles for formatting that you use regularly.  There are two ways to do this:  New Styles or New Quick Styles.

New Styles

To create a new style:

  • Click the Styles Dialog Box
  • Click the New Style Button

  • Complete the New Style dialog box.
  • At the bottom of that dialog box, you can choose to add this to the Quick Style List or to make it available only in this document.


New Quick Style
To create a style:

  • Insert your cursor anywhere in the chosen style
  • Click the Styles dialog box


  • Click Save Selection as New Quick Style


Style Inspector

To determine the style of a particular section of a document:

  • Insert cursor anywhere in the text that you want to explain the style
  • Click the Styles Drop Down Menu
  • Click the Style Inspector Button