Creating Web Pages

Simple web pages can be created in Word using the Save As Feature.  In a Web document created with Word you can insert text as well as pictures and hyperlinks.  To view the document as you would a Web page:

  • Click the View Tab on the Ribbon
  • Click the Web Layout Button in the Document Views Group


Entering Text

To enter text into the document, simply begin typing.


Hyperlinks, or links, allow the reader to click on text and go to another Web page or website.  To create a hyperlink:

  • Select the text that will be the link
  • Click the Insert Tab of the Ribbon
  • Click the Hyperlink Button on the Links Group
  • Type in the Web address, or URL, of the link
  • Click OK


Saving Web Pages

To save a Web page:

  • Click the File menu tab
  • Click Export
  • Choose Change File Type
  • Click Save As


  • Under Save as type, click Web Page
  • Type in the name of the document (without spaces)