Example HTML Document


Example HTML Document

The following text should be typed in to a local file on a system which is equipped with a Web browser.

A Simple HTML Document
<p>This is a very simple HTML document</p>
<p>It only has two paragraphs</p>

When authoring a Web/HTML document there are several stages which will be repeated time and time again.

  1. Using a local editor (or word processor) create the HTML file.
  2. View the local file by using the Open file... option on the File menu.
  3. If you see any errors, go back to (1) and repeat the exercise. Note: most Web viewers will store previously viewed pages and sometimes gives the impression that corrections to the original HTML documents have not been made. Always Reload HTML documents after they have been edited.

If there are no errors in your typing etc. the above tags should be interpreted as:

This is a very simple HTML document

It only has two paragraphs

The document's title will appear as the viewing windows name and the text will appear in the default font for your browser, which is usually a Times Roman typeface with font size 12point.

Adding headings and further character attributes to your HTML documents will be discussed in the following sections of this course.

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