Lesson twenty ninth

 It's time to + (verb)
 It's time to + (verb)
You are letting someone know that something is required to be done at the present time.

Here are some examples:

"It's time to say goodbye."
"It's time to ask for a raise."
"It's time to collect our money."
"It's time to cheer for our team."
"It's time to change the clocks."
"It is time to decide what to do."
"It is time to enjoy ourselves."
"It is time to fill me in on what's going on."
"It is time to help out."
"It is time to join a gym."

 The point is that + (subject + verb)
 The point is that + (subject + verb)
By stating 'the point is' you are stating in your opinion the meaning about what is actually happening.

Here are some examples:

"The point is that if you study you will do well in school."
"The point is that she does not understand."
"The point is that we need this done today."
"The point is that the world would be a better place."
"The point is that we should help."
"The point is that snakes can be dangerous."
"The point is that leaving a baby alone is not a good idea."
"The point is that if we do not leave now we will be late."
"The point is that she needs to be more responsible."
"The point is that we need to work together."