Lesson twenty four

 How often do you
When asking this question you are inquiring how often or how frequent someone does a particular thing.

Here are some examples:

"How often do you exercise?"
"How often do you change your password?"
"How often do you help out at school?"
"How often do you listen to your MP3 player?"
"How often do you need to go to the dentist?"
"How often do you receive your magazine in the mail?"
"How often do you report to your supervisor?"
"How often do you stretch before working out?"
"How often do you talk to your parents?"
"How often do you travel?"


Do you want me to + (verb)

 Do you want me to + (verb)
To 'want' is to feel or have a desire for.  When saying 'Do you want me to' you're asking someone if there is anything you can do for them or assist them with.

Here are some examples:

"Do you want me to pick up the kids?"
"Do you want me to fix your flat tire?"
"Do you want me to help you read that book?"
"Do you want me to remind you?"
"Do you want me to remove my shoes?"

The word 'want' can also be used to express something YOU would like someone else to do or that something you personally would enjoy.

Here are some examples:

"I want you to come over."
"I want you to make a decision."
"I want you to water the flowers."
"I want to understand what you are trying to say."
"I want to be better at swimming."
"I want to be more involved at church."