Lesson thirty two

 How come + (subject + verb)
When using 'how come' you are asking why a particular thing has or had to take place.

Here are some examples:

"How come parents worry so much?"
"How come people carpool to work?"
"How come you are so upset?"
"How come he will not call you?"
"How come you stayed out so late?"
"How come you cannot make a decision?"
"How come you always question me?"
"How come we never agree?"
"How come your dog digs in the yard?"
"How come she will not come over?"

 What are the chances of + (verb-ing)
 What are the chances of + (verb-ing)
By asking 'what are the chances of' you are wondering how often or in what case would a particular thing happen.

Here are some examples:

"What are the chances of getting tickets?"
"What are the chances of that happening?"
"What are the chances of it raining today?"
"What are the chances of winning the lottery?"

When replacing the word 'the' with 'your' or 'our' you can ask what the chances 'personally' that the topic will happen.

Here are some examples:

"What are the chances of you staying home today?"
"What are your chances of getting the job?"
"What are your chances of improving?"
"What are your chances of moving?"
"What are our chances of staying together?"
"What are our chances of working together?"
"What are our chances of going together?"