Lesson thirty four

 It takes + (time) + to + (verb)

You are letting someone know how long it will take to do a particular thing.

Here are some examples:

"It takes one hour to get there."
"It takes forty-five minutes for me to get ready."
"It takes four quarters to complete a football game."
"It takes 7 seconds for my car to go 60 miles per hour."
"It takes all day for us to finish golfing."
"It takes years to learn to play guitar."
"It takes 15 minutes to get to downtown."
"It takes me one hour to cook."

 Please make sure that + (subject + verb)
You are asking someone to make sure that a particular thing happens or takes place.

Here are some examples:

"Please make sure that she wakes up on time."
"Please make sure that she gets to school."
"Please make sure that dinner is ready when we get home."
"Please make sure that your assignment is done."
"Please make sure that the water is not too hot."
"Please make sure you cook the meat long enough."
"Please make sure that she is getting along with her new friends."
"Please make sure that we leave on time."
"Please make sure you record our favorite TV show."
"Please make sure that you don't stay out too late."