Lesson thirty

 How was + (noun)
By using the words 'how was' you are asking someone a question about something that happened or something they did in the past.

Here are some examples:

"How was your meeting?"
"How was your doctor's appointment?"
"How was the birthday party?"
"How was lunch?"
"How was the airplane ride?"
"How was vacation?"
"How were your parents?"
"How were roads when you drove home?"
"How were people acting after what happened?"
"How were holidays with the family?"

 How about + (verb-ing)
 How about + (verb-ing)
You're asking someone their opinion on something or if they would like to do something.

Here are some examples:

"How about singing?"
"How about hanging out tonight?"
"How about folding the laundry for me?"
"How about helping us out?"
"How about describing to me what happened?"
"How about exploring new ideas?"
"How about comparing prices before we buy it?"
"How about considering it?"
"How about following me to their house?"
"How about feeding the dogs?"