Advance English Lessons eighth


Jonathan continues his discussion about the Moon Hoax and what he believes.

Todd: Jonathan we are talking about conspiracy theories. What about the one where the sound? That when the rocket lands, they have actually audio of the rocket landing and you can't hear the rocket engine, and the rocket engine should be making a really loud noise?

Jonathan: I don't remember if I've heard that one before. I would think that perhaps though the engine might be situated in such a location that the noise is being dispersed out into open space.

Todd: So you're saying that because in space there's no pressure. There's nothing for the sounds to bounce off of so it would just be silent.

Jonathan: I mean, people have grown up watching movies like Star Wars and they think that when spaceships go through outer space that they go "vooooom" as they travel. The reality is that there is no sound in space. You know, there are no lasers that go "tchoo tchoo tchoo" as they go from one ship to another. It makes great entertainment. It doesn't make great science.

Todd: Fair enough. What about the buggy? Some people say that they buggy is going slow-mo. That maybe they filmed it in Area 51?

Jonathan: Yes, I've read about this. That apparently if you speed up the footage to a certain point that it looks as if they are walking around normally and such, but the think is that when you take into account the gravitational pull, they've sped it up too much for it to be realistic. I don't remember the exact figures but it's something like if you speed it up to and a half times instead of three and a half times as the conspiracy theorists did then it looks completely natural, that like they're on the surface of the moon.