It is part of a teaching professional's skills to understand the needs of a diverse population of students. This free course, Accessibility of eLearning, introduces the challenges for disabled students who may use computers in different ways when taking part in eLearning or may need alternative teaching methods. It covers the technology and techniques used by disabled students, the adjustments to teaching methods that might be reasonable, design decisions which affect the accessibility of eLearning tools and strategies for evaluation.

Accessibility for disabled students is a topic which could be included in any area of the curriculum. Most education professionals are aware that they should consider it, but are unsure of what it means, the implications for their role and where to get information.


After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • discuss the main challenges facing disabled students in eLearning
  • have an understanding of the types of technology used by disabled students
  • consider what adjustments you might make in your own role
  • discuss disability and adjustments with colleagues involved in putting teaching into a virtual learning environment.