Windows XP


Windows XP
Starts when computer is turned on
Elements of the desktop
Date/Time control
Start button

Notification area

Windows XP desktop uses a graphical user interface

Graphical user interface (GUI)

Displays icons to represent items stored on the computer

Icons: Pictures of familiar objects

Area that appears on the screen when Windows XP starts
A workspace for projects and tools
Uses default settings when the computer is first started
Default settings: settings preset by the operating system
Appearance can be changed by the user

A pointing device
Helps the user interact with objects on the computer screen
Comes in many shapes and sizes
Most common pointing device
Appear when the mouse pointer is positioned over certain objects
Display the purpose or function of the object
Figure 1-3 shows a ScreenTip

Pressing a mouse button and immediately releasing it
A list of options which can be used to perform tasks
Start menu
Appears when the Start button is clicked

Provides access to programs, documents, etc.


Selecting a menu command

Two possible ways of selecting objects in Windows XP

Pointing to an object


Pointing to and then clicking an object

A selected object is highlighted


Viewing the contents of the Recycle Bin

Click the desktop, and then point to the Recycle Bin icon.  After a few moments, a ScreenTip appears that describes the Recycle Bin
Click the left mouse button twice quickly to double-click the Recycle Bin icon.  The Recycle Bin opens
Clicking an object with the right button of the mouse
Selects an object and opens its shortcut menu
Shortcut menu: a list of options directly related to the object