types of software


Two main types of software

Application software - software used to solve specific problems or perform specific tasks
System software - handles tasks specific to technology management and coordinates the interaction of all
technology devices
Operating system software - supports the application software and manages how the hardware devices
work together
Utility software - provides additional functionality to the operating system

Software contains the instructions that the hardware executes to perform an information processing task

Without the aid of software, the computer hardware is useless

Two categories of software


Application Software


Application software is used for specific information processing needs, including:


Customer relationship management

Project management


Word processing and many others

Personal productivity software :

used to perform personal tasks such as writing a memo, creating a graph, or creating a slide



Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Internet Explorer


Application Software (Continued)


Vertical market software :

application software that is unique to a particular industry
Patient-scheduling software
Nursing allocation software
Horizontal market software :
general enough to be suitable for use in a variety of industries
Inventory management software
Payroll software


System Software

       •System software controls how the various technology tools work together along with the   application software
       •Operating System controls application software and manages how the hardware devices  work together
        –Example: Microsoft Windows XP Home,
Mac OS, Linux
Uninstaller software, spyware software