Output devices


Output devices

An output device is any hardware component that conveys information to one or more people.  Three commonly used output devices are a printer, a monitor and speakers.

Output devices take information within your computer and present it to you in a form that you can understand

Main output devices:



Cathode-ray tubes (CRTs)
Flat-panel displays
Liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors
Gas plasma displays


Inkjet – most popular
Makes images by forcing droplets through nozzles
Top speed is 20 pages per minute
Forms images using an electrostatic process
Prints between 3 and 30 pages per minute
§Multifunction printer:
Scan, copy, fax, and print
Can be either inkjet or laser
Cost less than buying individual units
Take up less desk space


A speaker is a device that produces computer output as sound

Speakers are common devices in computer systems  Examples include:

Built-in speaker
Two-device set speakers
Surround sound speakers