Changing the Size of a Window


Using Program Menus

Organize a program’s features and available functions
Menu bar
Typically located at the top of the program window
Shows the names of the menus

Selecting Options from a Menu

Menu items or commands

Choices for a menu
Appear when a menu name is clicked
Possible actions when clicked
Immediately carry out an action
Show submenus
Ask the user for more information about the desired action


                                •Using List Boxes and Scroll Bars

                                •List box
                        –Displays a list of available choices
                       –Usually includes
               •Array buttons
               •A scroll bar
               •A scroll box


                 •Using Dialog Box Controls
                                  Dialog box
                        –Opens when a menu command or item followed by an ellipsis is selected
                       –Allows the user to provide more information about how a program should carry out a task
                      –Groups different kinds of information in panes
             •Panes: bordered rectangular areas